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    Infinite News | October 2017

    Hello boys and girls. KingWilliam here to break down the last 3 months of Albion Online for Infinite Guild.

    I guess the best and only place to start is the beginning. From Day 1, Infinite once again came to play. Starting FAME alliance with War Legends, Hammer and Sickle, KDS, and a few other guilds. By end of Day 2, Infinite had secured its home plot in Cumbrias' Heatshimmer Well. It was not our first choice but it has served us well so far. 

    And so, the grind had begun. Fame farm in all forms, working hard to tier up and collect resources for our inevitable expansion outwards. FAME soon dissolved, as most early alliances had done in previous Betas, and we move on to the GEAR alliance with Hammer and Sickle, Solar, and a few other guilds. In that alliance we were able to push out and control a few more territories. Some more time passed, the base started to show promise as buildings were being upgraded, more and more members started to get into T6 through diligent fame farming, and an all-around good time was being had by all.

    Eventually we out grew GEAR and decided to go it alone for a bit. The time on our own didn’t last long as we were approached several times to join different alliances. Ultimately, it was decided that we would start another alliance. This time with Exploited, a no name Caerleon guild looking to get a foothold in the black zone, and thus the NERF alliance was founded. Exploited was given a guild hall in our main plot so that it would be easier to work together. Over the next weeks, NERF and Infinite would have some good times and several new guilds were invited into the alliance. And so it went, more of the same. Fame farm all around, controlling dungeons, doing ZvZs for warcamps, PvP, etc., etc.

    Daily life in AO can be an interesting one. 

    And in the end, the truth behind the NERF alliance was revealed to have been a sham from the very beginning. NERF wasn’t really an alliance, but a plan concocted by the leader of Exploited, the one and only snake oil salesman of Albion Online, LordVicious, to steal the best players from the guilds in NERF and use them to bolster Exploiteds numbers so that they could become a strong black zone presence.

    Funny enough, the only people Exploited got from Infinite were some of our worst, so LordVicious, if you read this, thanks for the mini-purge of trash! It was greatly appreciated.

    But I digress, AO life continues to move forward and it seems that Infinite may have finally found an alliance to call home.

    Infinite recently joined POE, lead by Crimson Imperium Reborn, and so far, it has been a wonderful alliance. Cooperation and collaboration is what one would expect from the Partnership of Equals and I, for one, hope Infinite and POE grow together and become the force and power in Cumbria.

    Where things go from here for Infinite, only time will tell.

    Until then, keep grinding and have fun!



    TL;DR: Over the last three months Infinite has had its ups and downs, trials and tribulations, happy and sad times, but as always, WE are standing strong.

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