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    3. Saturday, 22 April 2017
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    Hello there,

    I want to introduce 2 différents features of the website so here we go :



    There are actually 6 Roles on the website : Administrator, Moderator, Developer, Designer, Member and Banned.

    Each role gives you different Moderation rights like Edit and Discussion, Ban a user, Report a User, Delete a Discussion/Reply and more !

    You can't get those roles by yourself of course.



    Ranks it's a pretty cool feature, it can be compared to a "leveling system". The more points you'll get by doing different positive/negative actions on the website the more your rank will increase.

    We currently have 6 Ranks :

    - Recruit Member

    - Experimented Member

    - Veteran Member

    - Elite Member

    - Epic Member

    - Lengendary Member

    I let you discover the amount for each one.

    Watch out ! You can downgrade by doing too much negative actions ! So be carefull.

    This will not gives you any moderation rights.


    Hope you'll like it and do not hesitate to PM if you have any issues with those.


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