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    3. Saturday, 22 April 2017
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    Member Activity and Clan Donation Requirements

    Here in the Inifinite Clan we do not require you to give the guild anything. That's right, we will not turn you into a slave like the rest of these guilds in Albion. However, we do recognize and reward those who actively work with the group to progress the guild!

    With that being said, let me simplify this for you. If you want to go lone wolf and choose to do nothing for the guild other than use our territories and horde everything you own then that is your choice! However, if you do so you will not have the privileges that dedicated, helpful, team-oriented players have. For example, if you do not contribute to the guild then the guild will not contribute to you, you will not be invited to events such as but not limited to fame runs, castle raids, GvG's etc. Ultimately the path you choose is going to dictate whether or not you succeed in being part of the guild. You will not be removed for being selfish, but you will definitely not be rewarded for it either. We in Infinite recognize and reward those who put in work for the betterment of the entire group.

    Auction House

    We have an auction house system where members can put in buy orders for certain items, those items are slightly over cost price. This way the crafter gains a tiny bit of silver for their efforts and you get the gear you want. This keeps all the silver inside of the guild and helps our own economy grow.

    Activity Requirement

    If you are inactive for over 2 weeks without letting anyone know then you will be removed from the clan. This is in place to keep our guild member numbers accurate and to prevent possible "griefing" from inactive players who come back to cause problems.

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