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  3. Sunday, 23 April 2017
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Dear adventurers,

Our goal is to ensure that the Infinite Guild Community is enjoyable and helpful to all users, while also helping us in creating and improving the guild. The following basic forum rules are designed to support that purpose.


- Be friendly
- Be helpful and supportive
- Give feedback (positive and negative) and help us to improve the guild/website/discord.
- Only discuss the topic of the thread in that particular thread.
- Post threads in proper sub forms.


- Insult or harass others
- Spread negativity / toxicity
- Rant or rage
- Use melodramatic thread titles

Additional Don’ts

- Use the community for commercial dealings/advertising
- Spam
- Post headlines in CAPS
- Extensively use caps or large font sizes
- Post personal information of other members
- Discuss moderator/administrator decisions in the forums
- Publish hacks/cheats in the forums - please report those to our customer support instead


Based on the breach of these rules and on a user’s history, on a case by case basis, in our sole discretion, we will do one or more of the following:

- Issues a warning
- Remove your posting rights - for a certain time or permanently
- Ban your account - for a certain time or permanently

Have great time on the Forum !

Infinite Staff

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