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    [Where We Came From]

    Our current core players are from three separate

    guilds that cover three different time-zones, who have merged into one

    new super guild in order to combat the overall game changes. All of our

    existing members are very active and have merged together seamlessly.

    Before the merge, our three guilds were allied and came together for a

    common cause: To succeed in PvP without turning into a zerg or joining a

    zerg alliance.


    [What We Want]

    Infinite is aiming to build stronger foundations to

    improve upon our already high level of play. Utilising our current

    highly skilled players, we are inviting newer players and strong

    veterans in order to maintain a small to medium sized PvP guild that is

    able to travel anywhere without fear and do any content in the game, as

    well as craft all our gear and minimise our down-time.


    [What We Do]

    Every day we have PvP, Pve events. We want to give our members the most efficient

    chance at farming up before they enter our Guild vs Guild roster and Open

    World PvP groups. We’ve had great success in other mmorpg games with our Guild vs

    Guild rosters and look to bring that experience to to the new game we chose to go.

    We also offer great advice on character setup, team compositions, how

    and where to get best out of your charecter, which weapons to avoid, which ones are

    overpowered at moment, information about other guilds, which ones are good, etc. Despite being a

    International guild we still always been pain in ass other guilds to deal with us since we play around the cloak, we destroy other guilds

    economy and take advantage of it, and all other areas and aspects of game we are playing.


    [Where We’re Going]

    Infinite, as a guild at this moment is making

    preparations for new game to arrive. We will be training our newer, lower tier

    players up to PvP spec as well as integrating our less experienced

    recruits so we can fight more often, control more territory and have a

    round-the-clock open world presence that can compete with the



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